¡Chispas y más chispas! ¡Mira esa alta definición! Tu cara... espectacular"
Este es un blog dedicado al personaje de Félix el Reparador (Fix-it Felix Jr). Reblogueo cosas relativas a la película de Ralph el Demoledor (Wreck-it Ralph).



so i made this felix shimeji aaa this is my first ever shimeji im soorry its so awful! but anyway i hope it works

you can download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zq58ugjkjvakuak/Felix_Shimeji.zip

once you downloaded the file all you gotta do is unzip it by right clicking it and then click extract all, once that is done just click the shimeji application and he should fall onto the screen! you can right click him for the options and to make him do other actions ect.

if it doesnt work then you should make sure you have the latest version of java installed, but hopefully it should work. aah, i dont know what else to suggest im not good with that stuff,

im so sorry about the pixels, and the flip is bad): i tried

anyway enjoy!

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**Again, made by tinypop in DeviantArt**